The members in Aldubáran have, individually and collectively, grown up alongside the music festival Summartónar.

Over the last 30 years - this annual festival in The Faroe Islands - has been the most important event for commissioning contemporary music, as well as providing a platform for its performance.

There are now 18 permanent members of Aldubáran, and they play in different configurations, from duo to full sinfonietta.

The group is constantly developing with the addition of new players.

  • Andrea Heindriksdóttir, flute
  • Anna Klett, clarinet
  • Joost Bosdijk, basoon
  • Páll Sólstein, horn
  • Kristina Thede Johansen, saxophone
  • Johan Hentze, trompet
  • Ólavur Olsen, trompet
  • Maria Wang Reinert, trombone
  • Øssur Bæk, violin
  • Sámal Petersen, violin
  • Jón Festirstein, violin
  • Angelika Hansen, viola
  • Jákup Lützen, viola
  • Kristina á Váli, cello
  • Andreas T. Restorff, cello
  • Ólavur Jakobsen, guitar
  • Jóhannes Andreasen, piano
  • Bernhardur Wilkinson, conductor